Marylebone, London

After a summer of being outdoors most of the time the November lockdown brought a different way of wanting to draw. I wanted to simply draw what I see; I wanted to observe buildings and everyday life a little more closely, and give myself the time to see quiet things more clearly. I decided to take a look at London’s stations. Three times I returned to the same spot with my fold-up stool till I felt I had enough to finalise the drawing at home. And each time several people would stop and very politely ask about what I was drawing then tell me a little bit about themselves or the station. Drawing is a great way to meet people I would otherwise never get the chance to speak to. I’ve found this in China, India, Australia – wherever I go, people the world over love to see drawing. This drawing is watercolour and ink, done on the most beautifully helpful ‘rough’ Aquarelle Arches watercolour paper. The strong black of the trees on the left of the drawing (see above) tugged at the eye; I reduced them to a wash, resolving the problem.